The chocolate factory

12 October 2012

…tastes so good!

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  1. wal says:

    lekker sticks bru!

  2. gold price says:

    The Gypsy crew seems to still be working on dessert. The only offering, besides a poppy seed cake displayed on the counter on one visit, was a forgettable chocolate mousse ($4).

  3. While our ways may seem foreign due to our highly secretive nature, we ultimately follow the same values as any other culture: We are all about family. Over the years, especially recently, Gypsies fear assimilating due to the negative stereotypes and discrimination they face from the outside world. I hope the series will break those stereotypes.

  4. In very good condition, no damage, light reading wear only. The cd plays perfectly. Full tab transcriptions of Laundromat blues, Albert King and Cannonball shuffle, Robben Ford. A full feature on how to practice for best results. Lessons cover how to play like Angus Young (AC/DC), ZZ Top, The Killers, Fear Factory and acoustic blues with Son House, advanced chords, advanced rock, gypsy jazz rhythm and more. Plus a video masterclass with Testament’s Alex Skolnick. Postage is actual cost and packaging is free. Your questions are welcome. 160/AHAPPY TO COMBINE POSTAGE. TAKE A LOOK AT MY SHOP. BUY 2 ITEMS AND GET 10% OFF, 3 OR MORE 20% OFF.

  5. Traditional culture is also explored, from the origins of fortune telling and traditional fairs to gypsy traveller superstitions, such as the belief that it’s unlucky to cut your hair or your nails on a Sunday. Otherwise “there will be blood shed on Monday,” goes the saying.

  6. If that is the dream for these impoverished gypsy families – relocated to dilapidated buildings near an abandoned copper factory in northern Romania – it is surely one shared by thousands of Romanians who say they would like to move to Britain in January when they gain full rights to live, work and claim benefits under EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules.

  7. When reaching his decision the planning inspector had taken acount of the local residents’ fear of crime which had been based upon previous incidents that had occurred when the adjacent land had been occupied by other families. Those incidents could not be attributed to the appellants or the occupation of their land and the number of incidents that had been reported to the police since the eviction of those living on the adjacent land had reduced dramatically.. In its judgment the Court of Appeal noted that ‘fear of crime’ is capable of being a material consideration: see West Midlands Probation Committee v SSE and Walsall MBC [1997] JPL 323 – a case involving an application for planning permission to extend a bail hostel.

  8. The result is a widespread ignorance about who they are, which sometimes turns to hatred, fear and misunderstanding.

  9. This adventure was perfect and I would love to write more in detail about my experiences, but those heart wrenching posts will have to wait, as I have one too many things to do before leaving for Istanbul and Cairo in just four days! On an ending note, I must say that the most memorable moment from this whole trip was when my German boy and I were unexpectedly caught in the pouring, warm rain on our way to see the Magic Fountains of Mount Montjuic. I didn’t even care that I was soaked to the bone, or that my hair resembled octopus tentacles bursting out of some fearsome waves. It was the most incredible hour, one that I’ll never forget.

  10. Jodie Stein says:

    Screw apples! We want cookies and marshmallows. Cannery Row in Monterrey CA. has these from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Caramel & chocolate marshmallow and a chocolate covered oreo ON A STICK!

  11. Screw apples! We want cookies and marshmallows. Cannery Row in Monterrey CA. has these from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Caramel & chocolate marshmallow and a chocolate covered oreo ON A STICK!

  12. Ted Ortiz says:

    What it seems like to me is that racial tensions are heating up in Eastern Europe and to a lesser degree in Western Europe. With Geert Wilders gaining in Netherlands, Sweden Democrats entered parliament, the FPO in Austria is set to take power and polls show 42% of youth support them, the SVP in Switzerland is to hold power this year, Marine Le Pen is gaining ground in France, and the True Finns surged in Finland to third place this year in the election now polls show they are number 2 in polls. In Hungary, my ancestral home, the conservative Fidesz had won huge in the election last year with the socialists collapsing and Jobbik surging into government, polls now show that Fidesz is 59% and Jobbik is second at 18%. Jobbik had won its first mayoral seat in a town which had faced Gypsy problems back in April. I think we are witnessing the results of a disasterous muliticultural experiment. Or maybe this is the plan? If history is anything to go by we all know what nationlism results in. I hope not, but fear it is going to be so.

  13. Gold Price says:

    When our friend Cindy DuBois told me about the Ethel M. Chocolate Company factory in nearby Henderson, Nevada, taking a tour went to the very top of my bucket list! After all, chocolate is the fourth major food group, right?

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