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Fala Jogador!

26 November 2012

I love football….maybe we should get a little 5 a side happening on tour! Hope I’m on Jadson’s team!

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Just a little bit….

19 November 2012

and we’re all smiling :)

Its crazy how small the world is becoming. Peniche, Lisboa, Islington, The Thames, Shoreditch, Newport, Bondi, Avoca, LA and Santa Cruz all in one week. So many crazy amazing places and different, incredible experiences.

For those of us lucky enough to have the privilege of a passport and some frequent flyer miles all it takes is some imagination and maybe a willing friend. Don’t really know what I’m trying to say but travel is right there in front of you … so get up and go!


30 October 2012


28 October 2012

Stuck in the Bondi Rip….

Artist not terrorist…

23 October 2012

Met Faizal Lulat, a young London based, born and raised photographer yesterday. His thought provoking images depicted the struggle between man made and organic, culture and religion, right and wrong. Inspiring to see someone with enough courage attempting to break down narrow stereotypes. We had a good laugh about his experiences in airport security and the london underground.

L’été Indien – Part II

23 October 2012

A day either side of the border

A wise man and a young Buck

12 October 2012

Ferrel, Portugal

The chocolate factory

12 October 2012

…tastes so good!